Taking Back Control…..

All too often I have given my power to other people. Whether it be to my parents, my friends, or my spouse. I have become such a people pleaser that I no longer have a certainty of what makes me happy beyond making others happy. I have wrapped my self worth into the idea that making others happy adds to my own self worth. Instead of sitting back and giving others the power to control whether or not I feel worthy inside. I have come to the conclusion, today, that this is unacceptable. In all honesty, I had come to this conclusion long ago, it is only today that I feel strong enough to take back my power, empower myself.

Now, you may be asking yourself, what exactly does one do to empower themselves? How does one cease the pattern of people pleasing, and return to acting in an authentic way? Or you may already know, in which case I would be curious to hear your answer. In my case, I believe I need to focus on making my self a priority again. I need to maintain my body, mind and soul, without looking to others for acceptance and acknowledgment. I need to be comfortable in being the real, true me while continuing to work on self growth.

This means exploring avenues of career potential, finding my spiritual happiness, and maintaining a healthy body. I frequently talk about loving people where they are, and it is time I love myself where I am. It is time I allow myself the same acceptance I afford to others, and stop acting in a selfish way, almost narcissistic in nature. Holding myself to a higher level than I hold others. Expecting more of myself than I do those around me, offering forgiveness to others while punishing myself.

Today I signed up for free online writing workshops. I am also looking for photography workshops as well. Just to reopen the door to these hobbies that I feel passionately about in an effort to really decide what I want to do when I grow up. I feel there is so much inside that I could be great at, but yet, I feel so lost as to how to get there, and what path to take.

I invite anyone reading to join my on my journey, and to share your journey with me as well. Grab a travel mug of coffee and let’s find our path together. Or, if you are firmly planted on your path, I invite you to share your experience so that those of us that are traveling can learn from the experience of others. Either way, it is bound to be an exciting journey.

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