Be Brave Enough To Find Your Inner Destiny….

Call me late, but today my youngest daughter and I watched Brave. The Disney movie about Merida, the Scottish princess, who wants to break the betrothal tradition of her kingdom against the wishes of her mother, the queen. Merida meets up with a witch and ends up turning her mother into a bear. I will not give away the whole thing for those who have yet to see this gem. But there is a quote at the end of the movie that struck me.

“Our fate lies within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.”


I am at a time in my life where I feel great turmoil inside. I desperately want to change some major aspects of my life, and this movie, this day, at this point in my life, brought a tear to my eye. I found myself asking why I have not been brave enough to look inside myself to see my fate. I have no answer. I just have not, and I know it has been out of fear. Fear of failing, fear of being attacked from outsiders. Fear of failing my kids, my self….mostly my kids.

Now you may be thinking, it is a Disney movie, let us not get too carried away. Merida’s mother turned into a bear for goodness sake. But the symbolism there was that she turned into something completely different but a creature of instinct, great strength, and often time incredible tenderness. I am reminded of the way people refer to mothers going ‘mama bear’ when protecting their children.

Today I have committed myself, during the movie, and now by posting it here publicly, I am going to face my fear, and be brave enough to look inside and see my fate. I am ready to find my inner bear, and let her loose. Now, if I could only get some red, curly, crazy hair like Merida’s.

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