Nothing is Free….

So yesterday I wrote about how determined I am to take my virtual assistant ways and launch myself into the great unknown stratosphere. Well, let me tell you something, that is one expensive journey. I have started tapping into every online resource I can find, and they all lure you in with the promise of amazing results, unlimited income, darn near world domination status….for the low bargain price of, *insert not so low bargain price here* It ranges from virtual assistant education facilities, to online resources for clients, and all kinds of educational tools in the middle. I am beginning to think these people are not making money as virtual assistants, but rather as telling everyone else what to do to be one. I get it, they started at the ground level, and built up their empires. But seriously folks, many people starting like this do not have $1000 to throw at your bank account because they require it for their own.

So here I am trying to scour the way myself, essentially, doing what these examples did themselves, the way they promised I would not have to do things, because paying them would ensure I have so much more at my fingertips. No worries, I am not bitter, well, maybe a little bitter. But, this is not the first time I will have to figure my own way out of a paper bag. I can do this. This just stands as a speed bump, one I will make it over, slowly, without ruining my entire suspension. I got this…I think. When I make it big, I plan to give back to others in my shoes….for free. Maybe not everything, but I think it would be great to mentor another person to success, for the low bargain price of free.

Perhaps this is the lesson I am meant to learn. I can do it, my way, and succeed. I do not need to follow the path of another, certainly not a path I have to pay to access. I can blaze my own path, I am a fiery Aries after all. I often feel like everything in my life is a struggle, but I also do my best work under pressure. Perhaps this is why I ran into the roadblocks yesterday. I had not looked at it that way, I was just frustrated. I kept trying different avenues, and kept getting blocked. Perhaps the issue is more personal than I thought. The lesson is you know the way, trust in yourself to find it, and stop trying to find other people to follow. Be your own leader, not someone else’s follower.

Hmmm….now there is some food for thought.


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