And Just When You Start to Doubt….



The universe works in mysterious ways. Last post I was lamenting, feeling a sense of lack, not feeling anything was working out and fighting the urge to be completely discouraged. Just when I was about to throw my hands up to the universe and say, “I give up, I don’t know what else to do,” I got a call. A friend of mine had recommended I put in an application for a job with her company. A job for a Corporate Communications Writer. I had filled out the application, but it has been several days and had not heard a peep from anyone. My friend had told me they were going to pull my application, but again, it had been several days since then….so I figured maybe my experience was not enough for their position.

In the meantime, I have filled out approximately 3-4 applications every day. I have also been looking at how to pursue my own Virtual Assistant business, so I could work without the middleman of a contracting company. I love the idea of making six-figures while working from home, but many of these gurus charge almost six-figures to teach you how they got to where they are….which is how they are making that much money. So to say I have been frustrated is an understatement.

Anyway, back to the phone call. I was picking my youngest up from school, and had been texting a friend while sitting in the carpool line. I was literally telling him how frustrated and impatient I was getting, and how disappointed I feel. My phone rings and I answer. It is a woman from the company with the Corporate Communications Writer position. She wants to do a phone interview…RIGHT NOW!! So of course, I shush my daughter, and we start talking about the job. I was very honest about my experience, and why it is I need something different than my current employment situation.  The woman wants to set up an in person interview, and send me the links I will need to complete writing samples to bring with me.

OMG…is this real?? I am so excited at this point, I can hardly contain myself. I know I was not offered the job yet….but I really feel like I have a great chance at getting the position. It pays great, offers the benefits I will need, and is a family friendly company. I would love the opportunity to write for a living, even if it is corporate writing, because any writing is writing. If I can write website content to sell “prepper” supplies, I can certainly write corporate content.

I cannot wait to get to these writing samples, I am truly going to knock them out of the park. Just when I was feeling frustrated, down, and very discouraged, the universe gave me what I needed to get me motivated again. I am so excited. Even if this happens to not work out for some reason, I know I will end up where I belong even if it takes longer than I like. Chin up and all that mess. The universe gives you what you need, when you need it, and you are where you are for a reason. Lessons abound everywhere in life.

Instead of focusing on the minutiae, we have to learn to live in each moment and gather from that moment what we are meant to learn. I have to learn patience with myself, and how to pick myself up, instead of letting my thoughts get the best of me. I have to learn to be my own cheerleader, instead of relying on others to pick me up because I have gotten so down on myself. My negative self-chatter is unacceptable. If any one of my girls talked about or to themselves the way I do in my head, I would be so sad. I am their example, and I need to be a great one. On the up-side, I am working on it, and every day, I do a little better.

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