A Road Divided…

I have used this platform as a way of facing my own demons, which has been okay, but I want to use the Coffee Mama Says outlet for so much more than a self-growth journey. This place was never meant to stand as a representation of my struggle, and eventually my triumph. Coffee Mama is a foul-mouthed, sometimes hot-headed, introspective, emotional, intelligent, hot mess of a woman. She is a coffee-loving mom who struggles with parenting three girls, and two dogs. She is a fun-loving, silly woman who always finds humor, even in the darkest of situations she has faced.

I have started another blog, The Road Less Traumatized. It is there that I will share my healing, and growth while I face my Complex-PTSD. Here, I will be returning to my fun, silly, sometimes serious ways of facing any and every situation in life that a coffee loving mother faces. I thank those who stick with me, while I figure it all out. I will be diligently adding content to both sites, but it will be very different content. I may also transfer many of the posts here to the other site, as they are more pertinent over there.

I have been doing a great deal of introspection, and I have come to realize, I may never figure out what I want to be when I grow up…because perhaps I am not meant to be just one thing. I want to expand my horizons, and I do not want to be tied to one area my whole life. I will spread my eggs into various baskets, and do my best to tend to them all.

That being said, let’s grab a cup of coffee!!

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