Going Mental

Having been diagnosed with PTSD I have been in therapy for a couple years now. I have learned and grown a great deal. Having a platform on which to help others, educate people on mental health issues, and just share my journey is a lifelong dream of mine. Thank you for your support on my journ

The connection between mind, body, and spirit cannot be denied. Think about the times in which you felt your best. You certainly did not look in the mirror and see a hot mess looking back at you. Think about the times in which you felt your worst. You were not gazing in the mirror thinking about how fierce you look. Working on the mind and the heart are just as important to health and well being as working on the body. Working on the body is just as important as working on the heart and mind. It’s all about finding a balance in life while you put in work, and still enjoy play.

We tend to obsess about the thing we want to change, instead of focusing on those things we are blessed to have right in front of our faces. Take every day as a new opportunity for growth. Look at your life and see those areas in which you are fortunate, and be thankful for those aspects. Be open and accepting of the positive things the universe is bringing to your life, and stop dwelling on the negative.

Say aloud your intent to accept that which the universe has destined for you. Say aloud your thankfulness for those things which are great in your life. Say aloud your intent for every day and love yourself the way you want to be loved by others. It is then you will begin to receive the love and acceptance we all long to have, when we begin providing it to ourselves.